Xscape LED Bulkhead

The Luminos Lighting Xscape Series LED Bulkhead used in conjunction with our wired central self test system

  • Compact and Easy to Install
  • High light output, with clear white light
  • Intelligent Automatic Self Test
  • Non-maintained Version
  • Surface Mounted
  • Integral batteries and charger
  • IP 65 Rated
  • Infa-red link to hand-held data collection units
  • 3 hour standby power
  • Optional integral networking module
  • Lithium Ion batteries for longer life and improved performance
  • Multiple LED light source with 60,000 hours life
  • Up to 250 addresses per data loop
  • Instant Strike, no warming up period
Battery:3.7V, 2.1AH, Lithium Ion
IP Rating:IP65
Temperature Range:-10ºC to +50ºC

The Luminos Xscape series of emergency lighting luminaire offers a unique solution. They utilise the latest development in photometric solid-state technology to provide improved performance, lower energy requirement and extended replacement intervals for lamp/battery pack. The range includes direction signs, emergency exit signs, bulkhead fittings and down-lights, offering a complete solution for your emergency lighting needs. All elements of the system are automatically and fully monitored, providing the building occupier with positive feedback as to the operational integrity of the system.

The light source is the latest development in solid state technology and should not be confused with currently available LED technology. The 8 x “Rebel” ultra-high light output LEDs have reduced power consumption, increased life expectancy significantly and reduces the need for maintenance.

Additionally, each unit continuously monitors its critical components – battery, charger, light source and internal temperature. A green LED, visible from ground level, provides confirmation that everything is functioning correctly. If however, the unit has failed one of its automatic tests, or a fault is present, a red LED will be turned on and an internal buzzer will sound. (The buzzer can be programmed for “silent operation” to suit specific applications).

The functional testing requirements of BS5266 are performed without the need for any manual intervention. Daily, monthly and yearly tests are automatically carried out and the results of those tests are stored in the device. A simple “walk-by” inspection is all that is required to verify that each unit is fully operational.

Each luminaire has a unique address programmed into its memory. The onboard memory also holds the results of the automatic tests carried out. Up to three years of test data is stored. This information can be retrieved by the handheld programmer from the luminaire via its Infra-red link. The infra-red link has a range of 3 metres, therefore the data collection process can be carried out from ground level, without the need for physical access to the luminaire.

This simple process eliminates the need for access equipment, reduces labour costs and minimises any disruption to the normal day-to-day business activities. Once all of the data has been collected it can be transferred to a P.C. for reporting, analysis and maintenance planning purposes.