LED Panel Range

Our state-of-the-art LEDs run at an average of 130 lm/W meaning that one of our luminaire’s running at 22W gives out the same amount of light as an LED equivalent running at 30-35W! The potential for energy savings, even compared to inferior LED products, are huge.

Offering lighting products to suit any installation and budget, you are sure to find the perfect solution with Luminos. If you require something a little more unique, enquire about our bespoke manufacturing service. We pride ourselves on our tailor-made solutions and our engineers never say no to a challenge!

LED Panels have been a staple product across offices blocks, schools and hospitals for many years now. Originally designed to replace existing twin T8 fittings, a huge saving was and still is achievable by swapping to LED. Luminos LED panels will not only save you a huge amount compared to fluorescent luminaires, they will also save you money compared to other LED panels. By incorporating our super-efficient LEDs into a panel, an existing fitting running at 30-35W will give out the same amount of light as a Luminos panel running at 22W!

With a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, our panels will also save you money in maintenance and replacement costs. Certain panels in our range are also available with an optional, integrated self-test emergency pack, saving you time and money in the long term on fitting costs and testing. All sizes are available in a front only IP65 frame in stainless steel frame. Also with a steel back box if needed.